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Steadfast Collective - Crafting community-focused digital applications. Figment - customer acquisition for healthy, sustainable growth. . .

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Figment - customer acquisition for healthy, sustainable growth.

To quickly start my startup landing page design, I was looking for a landing page UI Kit. Landtamic is one of the best landing page UI kit I have come across. It's so flexible, well organised and easily editable.

Steve Grant

MD, Figment

Steadfast Collective - Crafting community-focused digital applications.

I used landtamic and created a landing page for my startup within a week. The Landtamic UI Kit is simple and highly intuitive, so anyone can use it.

Peter Heslop

MD, Steadfast Collective

Stephen was able to help me see so much of my self in a new light asking poignant and thought provoking questions and creating an environment of self discovery which was profoundly impactful. Being able to unpack so much unseen unconscious beliefs and patterns allowed me to take ownership and control in things I had previously believed was “just the way I am”.

Ryan Galpin


Praxis Framework, a powerful model for impact


Momentum is where we build the energy for moving forward, it is the essential driver for what we do. Clearly understanding the source of our momentum so that we can communicate it clearly to others is the foundation of Praxis.


Momentum without Direction can lead us to use energy on things that are not important - at worse we can go around in circles. Pro-actively setting our direction ensures we move forward intentionally, and are also positioned to alter course if needed.


Momentum and Direction are essential to success, but losing our stability on the way means wasted energy and opportunity. Ensuring that our Momentum and Direction are equally matched with Stability is the final piece of the Praxis puzzle.

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